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    Displaying WebCenter Content data in Simple ADF web page using RIDC library

      Hi All, I am trying to display Webcenter content data in Simple ADF page using RIDC library.
      I am able to display Tree structure in ADF web page of Web Center Content folders and files based on user role access .
      When user click on any files from the tres , user will be able to see the selected file content and related metadata in screen.

      I have divided the screen in three portion. In Left side , I am displaying webcenter content folder and files based on user access in Tree structure , And in middle, I have to display selected file content and in third part, i have to display corresponding meta data info with Update button.

      I am using inline frame to show the selected content in middle part of web page ..So When click on any file in tree, some time shows in new window and some time it shows in middle part of page. Any Idea?

      Code in ADF TREE
      <af:switcher facetName="#{node.primaryType}">
      <f:facet name="nt:folder">
      inlineStyle="margin-right:3px; vertical-align:middle; height:18px; width:18px; font-size:xx-small;"
      <af:outputText value="#{node.name}" />

      <f:facet name="nt:file">
      <af:goLink text="#{node.title}" id="i1"
      inlineStyle="#{node.ssn==''? 'color:Red;':'color:Blue'}"></af:goLink>

      Code for displaying selected file content..

      <af:switcher facetName="#{bindings.primaryType.inputValue eq 'nt:file'}">
      <f:facet name="false">
      <af:outputText value="Please select file to see the document."/>
      <f:facet name="true">
      <af:inlineFrame id="myFrame"
      visible="#{bindings.primaryType.inputValue eq 'nt:file'}"

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          Daniel Merchán

          I did a similar implementation as you sometime ago.

          I used also the JCR Data Control for display the content in an ADF Tree.
          For the preview of the content and manage it I used Document Viewer Task Flow. When user click in a file, with PPR refresh the Task Flow to show the preview component (I tunned a little this component creating a custom wrapper for disable some functionality not needed).

          About the update metadata... Use an iframe with the IdcService of updating metadata (Checkin service).

          I hope this help you.