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    Restful Webservice and German Umlaut


      i'm trying to setup a restful webservice using Apex 4.2 and Apex Listener 2, but i have problems regarding german unlaute in the json response.

      To see if its a configuration error on my side, i did setup an exmaple on apex.oracle.com and there i get the same results.
      I added a now row to the table emp, with just the ename as 'öäü'.

      Please see the example at http://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/dwtest/getEmp/

      The result looks like this:
      It should look like this:
      The interesting fact is that i sometimes get the desired output, but its net reproducible to me. As browser i tested Firefox, Chrome, IE9 and Opera.

      I wonder if i configured something wrong in my browsers or in apex.

      If you would like to take a look at the webservide use these credentials:

      Workspace: dwtest
      Username: testuser
      Password: forum

      Thanks for help in advance.