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        I think it's more likely that this problem occurred when Sun IDM was upgraded to OW. Did you perform the intermediate step off upgrading to OW 8.1.1 before applying the 8.1.1.x patch? That's the recommended/supported path, just FYI.

        Given what you saw in the resource XML object, I may be wrong but I would say the upgrade of the connector server itself (plus the applicable files) would be hard-pressed to cause what you described in your earlier post.

        Regarding the recommended upgrade steps for the connector, I don't believe anything is explicitly stated but what I provided earlier is generally what would be advised.
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          Yes, I performed an upgrade from Sun IDM to OW 8.1.1. At this point I upgraded the connector as well. It failed. I then applied patch 8 hoping it might fix the problem. It did not.

          NOTE: We are using JBossAS. The upgrade updates the files in a staging folder which is then repackaged into a WAR file for JBoss. While performing the upgrade JBossAS was not running.

          Luckily this is in a DEV environment so it can be redone. Time is of the essence, however as I do have a production deadline to meet.
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            We had serious problems with the AD Connector in patch 7 (OW

            Our existing AD/Exchange connector was not migrated correctly. We worked around this by making a new Exhange connector, and then copying the AccountAttributeTypes section from the old connector to the new one, and renaming the new connector to the old name.

            After that the problems started: some attributes which the connector/auditing reported as being set in AD/Echange were in fact not set. We have a long lasting call about this with Oracle (SRNr 3-6076477421). One of the problems is that the patch 7 Echange connector contains a fixed list of attributes which can be set, the attribute list is not extendable as in the previous connector.

            We were offered a temporary fix, but the fix did not meet our requirements fully, so we for the moment we are still using OW with the Exchange connector from patch 5 ( The patch 5 connector version has some stability problems, but as long as we reboot the Windows server occasionally it works quite well.
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              Good to know. Thanks for the heads up.
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                OK I've managed to reinstate the connector that came with Sun IDM and it's working again. So no roll back. Once deadlines are met this'll give me time to figure out a proper fix. Thanks for all input. If anyone has any new insight by all means contribute to the thread.

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