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    oracle portal

      Hi all,

      How to download the oracle portal, forms, reports and discoverer software.
      please provide me download link.


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          Erik Janssen-Oracle
          You may not want to use anymore as it is not supported anymore by Oracle.

          The following versions are recommended :

          <li>Forms / Reports : 11.1.2
          <li>Portal :

          Oracle Portal is available in the FMW Media Pack which can be downloaded from [url edelivery.oracle.com]Oracle Software Cloud in a few days. Note that you still need to do a software only install for After installation, you can patch the software tree with the patch set to be at the latest version.

          Refer to Document [url https://support.oracle.com/epmos/faces/DocContentDisplay?id=1364497.1]1364497.1, 'New Direction for Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g with Single Sign-On 10g' for further guidance.

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            Is it free download from oracle software cloud or it is only for paid customers.
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              Erik Janssen-Oracle
              You can login with your OTN user name and password. The download itself is free. You obviously need a license when you want to use the software :-)
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                thanks for reply sir,

                i want to publish the simple discoverer report through the weblogic server for testing purpose. i'm install the oracle database 11g, oracle RCU, weblogic server 10.3.6,
                discoverer 11g. Is there any way to publish the report through the web. Reply me please ASAP.


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                  Erik Janssen-Oracle
                  I'm not sure whether that can be done through the Viewer as I never worked with Discoverer. Only know about the portlet option described in http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/bi.1111/b40110/toc.htm. But that requires Oracle Portal. I leave it to others to comment on the first.
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                    i was try to download the software with my OTN user name and password it ll showing an error.
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                      Erik Janssen-Oracle
                      Don't know what error it gives you but you can always register a new account on edelivery.oracle.com
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                        I have done the same type of project with Oracle Application server 10g - R2 which I think is no more available for download because it is being depreciated by Oracle.

                        Installation media of Oracle application server 10g – R2 consisted of Oracle discover, Oracle portal & many other infrastructure components like single sign on, internet directory, OC4J etc.

                        I believe you have to follow the same steps for publishing the discover report on weblogic server. i.e.
                        -create a particular report/graph/chart in discoverer and
                        -use Oracle portlet to publish the discoverer report/graph/chart on Oracle portal.