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    Issue configaring ETL Management in DAC11g client


      This is for OBIApps implementation, OBIEE11116.7 and Informatica9.1 is success.

      We have EBS database in Server1 and OLAP Database in Server 2

      Dac server is running(i can see orange color connector in dac client)

      While configuring DAC11g client on windows server 2008 at 'ETL Management configaration' it is showing' UNKnown Host'
      The host entry i have given is correct.

      And in physical Data Sources , if i give EBS(ORACLE-R1213) database details with ip address instead of host name it shows success. if i give host name it shows unknown host name.

      I am able to connect to toad using that host name.

      Any Suggestions where iam wrong.