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    cluster in same domain

      Hi All,

      we have weblogic and soa( installed on one machine.

      we want to create two soa managed server on same machine and same domain & run those in a cluster.
      Please let me know if it is possible through some proxy setting or software load balancer for weblogic, and how can we do that configuration.

      Thanks in Advance.
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          Yes, you can have two SOA managed servers on the same machine. No proxy setting is necessary, but load balancer in front of WebLogic is helpful. You can use a softwate load balancer (Oracle HTTP Server or Apache) or a hardware load balancer (F5, BigIP, etc). When configuring the domain, create the two SOA managed servers, create a machine and add both managed servers to the machine, and create a cluster and add both managed servers to the cluster. Also add the Cluster Address as soa_server1:8001,soa_server2:8002 (or whatever server name and ports you choose).
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            Hi All,

            is it possible to have two managed server in a cluster with different ports?

            Oracle HTTP Server software load balancer comes bundled with weblogic or we need to download it seperately. we have weblogic and soa

            If anyone can provide some pointer for configuring softwate load balancer (Oracle HTTP Server) for our weblogic version then if will be very helpful.

            Thanks in Advance
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              You can most definitely have two managed servers in the same cluster with different ports. In fact if your domain was to have SOA and OSB with two nodes, it would typically look something like this:


              Since you want one node with two managed servers and perhaps aren't using OSB, yours would be more like this:

              The managed server names and ports are configurable, choose the scheme that makes sense for you. I'd recommend staying in the 7001-9999 range just for convenience though.

              Oracle HTTP Server is not bundled with WebLogic. You will need to download it separately and may require a separate license also. See the SOA Enterprise Deployment Guide (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/core.1111/e12036/toc.htm) for info on configuring OHS.

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