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    Upgrade ODP.NET from 2 to 4

      I have a big mess on my hands. Because of a Visual Studio project I needed to upgrade the Oracle.DataAccess.dll to the new 4.0 version.
      I already had a client installed and everything was fine until I installed the following on top of it. Now I can not connect to my remote DB anymore and nothing works.

      Long story short, can someone please tell me the exact procedure how to upgrade my Oracle.DataAccess.dll. Do I really need to go thru all the install?

      At one point I had 3 clients on that machine. When I started over it was all messed up.


      ANY help is greatly appreciated.

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          First just build your application against .net framework 4 It can use Oracle.DataAccess.dll v. 2, and test connection then just replace reference with Oracle.DataAccess.dll v. 4 and then check connection
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            You need to upgrade the project itself from .net 2 to 4, which depending on what it is may or may not be a straightforward process (ASP.net in particular has some breaking changes).

            Once you do that, all you need to do for ODP is remove the reference to the old version, and readd it with the .net 4 version. With a recent client both are already installed, so it's pretty straightforward.