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    is orignal export is same "export and import utilites" given in 2 day dba .

      this topic

      "Exporting and Importing Data with the Export and Import Utilities" was given at

      10-16 Oracle Database Express Edition 2 Day DBA

      and then a reference was written

      See Oracle Database Utilities for further information about the Export and Import
      utilities and for examples of how to use them.

      i went to oracle database utilities and found

      "Original Export" at Original Export 21-1

      1)i wanted to know that i have found the right utility or it is different?

      2) in "Orignal Export" it is written "The only supported use of original Export in Oracle
      Database 11g is backward migration of XMLType data to Oracle Database 10g release 2 (10.2) or earlier" .

      then how one can use "Orignal Export" in exporting a schema having xmltype col or tables?
      and because of this only i got doubt that i have found correct utility or not.

      yours sincerely