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    Use HashMap to Pass Parameters? - Jdev


      In a Managed Bean, I created a HashMap and generated accessors.

      private HashMap<String, String> hm = new HashMap<String, String>();

      In EL, I can reference the HashMap with something like:

      #{Test_Hashmap_Bean.hm['overdue_key']} which returns the value and works ok.

      Inside the Bean's getter, how can I determine which key was used to return the value? In other works, I need to know that 'overdue_key' was used to get the value from the getter.

      How can I detect this?

      I am trying to simulate passing parameters to a java method from EL.

      On the top of page 34 of Oracle Fusion Developers Guide, Frank mentions this is possible but does not give details. Can anyone provide an example of using a HashMap to pass a parameter to a java method from EL?

      Thanks for the help.