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    stacked canvas view placed on the content canvas

      Hi to all,
      i am developed a one form ,i.e placed the stacked canvas view on the content convas.
      i create a two data block's with same table.
      one data block for content canvas and one for stacked canvas.
      in the content canvas i taken two fileds with scroll bar and remaining fields placed on the stacked canvas.
      these stacked canvas view put on the content canvas.it dispalying and
      executed succesfully.
      here i am getting one problem i am displying the 10 records at a time in both canvases.my requirment is placed on the
      cursor on the content canvas particular record scroll down then automatically show the same record details in stacked canvas and
      content canvas scroll bar is changed automatically stacked canvas scroll bar is changed.
      any one help me.........