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    ARCH & RFS

      1) Will switchover fail if there is a gap?

      2) If there are standby redologs on standby database, the archivelogs are created on standby database by archiving the standby redologs on standby database. If you do not have Standby Redo Logs Archived Redo Log is created by the RFS process. When it is done writing this Log is applied to the Standby Database by the MRP.

      a) Am i correct in my understanding?

      b)ARCH and RFS both responsible for creating archive log at the standby site?

      Note: DB Version 10.2.04 as well as and OS: RHEL 5

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          1) Yes because switchover requires no redo loss from primary to standby

          2) I am not sure this is always true. At least for 10.2 please read "How to send redo data" in http://docs.oracle.com/cd/B19306_01/server.102/b14239/log_transport.htm#i1268542.
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            for you second question, as per my understanding:

            if standby redo logs exists on standby database then RFS process will write to these files and then archive standby redo logs to apply. In case you are not using standby redo logs and using online redo logs then also RFS process at standby side write to online logfiles and then these files are archived for apply. At standby side two important services are RFS (responsible for
            receving data from primary (ARCn/LNS) process and then deciding where to write this data "standby redo OR online redo") and MPR process (media recovery process).

            The above thing holds true when running in maximum performance mode or real time apply is not in use and using ASYNC option in log_archive_dest.