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    Snapshot standby and real-time redo apply

      I have a maximum performance physical standby database using standby logs and receiving real-time redo data asynchronously. If I convert it to a snapshot standby, is the redo data still sent in real-time? Or will it at some point switch to only sending archived logs? I tried to glean that information from the oracle doc below but it wasn't clearly stated.

      [Using a snapshot standby database|http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/server.112/e25608/manage_ps.htm#SBYDB4802]

      My concern is that I have an RPO of 1 minute. When left in physical standby mode it's normally < 1 second behind the primary. I want to be certain that converting it to a snapshot standby for perhaps an hour isn't going to interrupt the flow of redo data at all. As long as the data is protected, I dont care how long it takes to recover it, as long as it's all there.

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          When the original physical standby database has been now converted to snapshot database changes are happening on the Primary database
          are shipped to the standby site but not yet applied. They will accumulate on the standby site and will be applied after the snapshot standby database
          is converted back to a physical standby database.

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