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    Need to populate a hierarchical query results in detail block of WIPTXCFM

      Hi All,

      I would need to customize WIPTXCFM to populate all layered sub assembly schedule numbers against a Final Assembly schedule number.
      Requirement is as soon as User enter a FA schedule number; it should populate all levels Sub Assembly Schedule Numbers under this.

      I have thought of 1 approach; need suggestion if there is any better way to achieve this to improve the performance.

      My Approach: In custom WIPTXCFM form once the FA schedule no is entered; I can fetch all below level data(e.g Level1, level2 ...etc.)
      using a cursor with hierarchical query. Then loop through the cursor and insert them in the block after the FA record.
      As per my findings; this hierarchical query takes longer to fetch the below levels data, around 1.5 mins.

      Thanks in adv.