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    Oracle Data Capture


      I have installed Oracle Document Capture ( on a Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit with Oracle 11gR2 client installed on the PC. Installation & Configuration completed successfully without any problems.

      I have 5 menu Options ,FILE , SYSTEM, INDEXING, WINDOWS, HELP. All the Menu's are Working fine with out any issue.


      When am trying to create Virtual Application with the Same Environment. Installation & Configuration is fine With out any issues.

      When i tried to launch the application i got an Information Warning as "You need to have system level write permissions to the registry in order to use menu items under system"

      After Selecting OK Application launched fine , but SYSTEM Menu is in disabled Mode (Greyed out). Except SYSTEM Menu all the menu items are working with out any issue.

      Help required in Enabling the SYSTEM Menu.

      I guess any dll's or Registries are not working as expected in Virtual Mode.

      Thanks in advance
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          I'd suggest that the user credentials you are opening ODC with do not have the Administrator rights.

          See the install manual here:

          I set up a new user without Administrator rights, and logged on as that user. When I opened ODC, the menu bar was missing Administrator and System items (though you described System as being greyed out).

          Without the Administrator rights, it's impossible to change your user to be an Administrator, so it is catch-22. I'd suggest doing an uninstall and a re-install and make sure you set the user to have the Administrator rights as per the manual.

          Hope this is helpful