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    Query Find form: To retrieve information in this block, use menu option...

      I'm new to forms, but have tried to set up a Query Find Window on startup following info in section 8 of the R12 App standards guide.

      On entry to the form, I get the following error message every time:

      "To retrieve information in this block, use menu option View -> Query By Example -> Enter to invoke enter-query mode, then View -> Query By Example -> Run to run your query. Use View -> Find All to retrieve all records". Pressing OK allows me to progress to an otherwise working form.

      Searching the forums I saw a similar issue reported a few years ago but no clear solution. There are a couple of bugs logged against a couple of
      Oracle developed apps forms too, but there is no explanation of what the programming error is that I have obviously also hit.

      My form has a PRE-FORM trigger as follows:

      FND_STANDARD.FORM_INFO('$Revision: 120.0 $', 'MYFORM, 'FND',
      '$Date: 2005/05/06 23:25 $',
      '$Author: appldev $');
      app_window.set_window_position('MAIN_W', 'FIRST_WINDOW');

      The window MAIN_W exists and is the window for the result blocks. I say blocks and not block because there is one base table with two mutually exclusive database blocks referring to it based on a status column. I want my query find screen to pick a supplier, then move to show the fully queried blocks 1 and 2 for the records of that supplier with any having a processed date column that is null in block 1 and not null in block 2.

      I have created a QUERY_FIND forms level trigger with content:


      which has execution hierarchy of "Override".

      There is a WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE trigger with content:

      FDRCSID('$Header: MYFORM.fmb 1.0 2013/03/28 Mark B $');

      I've tried setting the First Navigation Data Block to be that of the Query Find block and also of the Results block (though the Query Find block seems most logical as I always want the query find to fire up on entry to the form).

      Any help is very much appreciated.