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    [OSM] PONR for Cancel Fulfillment mode

      Hi All,

      We are implementing a POC for OSM and need your expert comments on one of the issues that we are facing.

      The requirement is to set PONR after specific fulfillment step and show that
      1. Order cancellation is possible before PONR
      2. the order cannot be cancelled once PONR has been reached.

      We are using O2A PIP cartridges and mostly using the SalesOrder that comes with PIP.

      We have implemented the logic to set PONR. Hard PONR is getting set.
      When we submit any revision order with fulfillment mode as DELIVER from Siebel, the order is getting rejected in OSM (i.e. PONR is getting recognized).
      However, if we submit a Cancel order i.e. Revise, set fulfillment mode to Cancel, set status to Pending Cancel and submit the order, the order is getting cancelled irrespective of the PONR status.

      While trying to debug this, we realized that for Cancel fulfillment mode, we do not have any orchestration plan setup in OSM. Just to check, we created a dummy orchestration plan for cancel in OSM and whoa.. PONR was getting recognized i.e. the revision order submitted from Siebel was getting rejected.

      We are not able to identify why the PONR is not getting recognized for fulfillment mode CANCEL when there is no orchestration plan defined.

      Any inputs will be appreciated.



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