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    Find Datas from Select Satement - Oracle 11g After changing the Connection?

      Iam very very new to Oracle. Yesterday only I have Installed Oracle 11G & created DataBase - JafferDB

      And from Oracle SQL Developer, I have created a connection called - JafferCon and SID also given..and the role is - SYSDBA
      And I excute the below statement

      insert into MyTable1 Values ('AAA1', 'BBB1', 'CCC1')
      insert into MyTable1 Values ('AAA2', 'BBB2', 'CCC2')

      Then I checked by Select statement, it has shown the values....No Problem....
      But, as a test, I deleted the connection and created a new connection tio the same DataBase with different name

      and when I checked by Select Statement....., it has not shown the values....????
      Does any mistakes....?
      Thanks for the directions...