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    scripting rac database installs

      When using dbca to create a rac database is it possible to save out to a script to be used for standardization? Is is my understanding that when choosing a rac database the dbca also has hooks into the clusterware to create the cluster resources and other steps that dbca also perfroms like remote copying and linking.
      Can this script be created to perfom all the steps in oracle
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          You can use DBCA silent mode for this: it also works to create a RAC database.

          Example from http://blog.arkzoyd.com/2010/10/oracle-silent-mode-partie-10-installer.html (only in French):
          dbca -silent -nodelist rac-server1,rac-server2 \
               -createDatabase -templateName General_Purpose.dbc   \
               -gdbName  BLACK  -SysPassword manager1 \
               -SystemPassword manager1 -emConfiguration NONE \
               -storageType ASM -asmSysPassword manager1 -diskGroupName DATA2 \
               -characterSet AL32UTF8 -totalMemory 1024
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            Thank you for that answer that is what I was looking for.