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    Unable to kill the concurrent program


      I have two cocnurrent programs say TEST_PROG1, TEST_PROG2.

      if i am submitting TEST_PROG1 then oracle session id and oracle process id are popluating in fnd_concurrent_requests table
      where as if iam doing the same with TEST_PROG2 then oracle session id and oracle process id are populating as null.

      Is there any configuration problem with the second problem?

      And if i amtrying to kill the request of TEST_PROG2, Using the below query

      SELECT s.SID,
      FROM fnd_concurrent_requests r,
      gv$session s
      WHERE 1 =1
      AND r.request_id = 2998345;
      AND r.oracle_session_id = s.audsid(+);
      AND r.request_date > TRUNC(SYSDATE-1)
      AND r.status_code NOT IN ('C','E','D','X');

      which is returning null .But iam using serial#, audsid to kill the session
      l_sql := 'alter system kill session '''|| l_sid || ','||l_serial_number||'''';

      but iam unable to kill the session as thwy are getting null from the above sql.

      Please help me to resolve this.