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    How To ZIP floder in LINUX

    Avinash Pentyala
      Hi All,

      please any one let me the command for zip the folder in Linux.That folder having many sub folders.i need to zip all folder as a single rar.
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          ZIP and RAR are competitive products and use different compression tools and formats. RAR is not installed by default in any Linux distribution and you need to install it. While tools to extract RAR are free, creating RAR is usually not. Availability and installation depends on your Linux system, which requires that you provide information about your system in order to answer your question. ZIP is free, a common standard and available for any computer system.

          You can create a zip archive using the following command:
          zip -9r archive.zip directory_or_file
          Standard under Linux and Unix systems is usually TAR and GZIP. For instance:
          tar -zcvf archive.tgz directory_or_file
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