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    srvctl config service should be updated using srvctl modify command

      Hai all,

      I have created a service recently on oracle RAC

      srvctl config service -d dbname -s servicename

      Disconnect: false
      Service role: PRIMARY
      Management policy: AUTOMATIC
      DTP transaction: false
      AQ HA notifications: false
      Failover type: NONE
      Failover method: NONE
      TAF failover retries: 0
      TAF failover delay: 0
      Connection Load Balancing Goal: LONG
      Runtime Load Balancing Goal: NONE
      TAF policy specification: NONE

      What is Management policy? does AQ HA notifications should be true? Do i need to update the info in srvctl command, i have already entered in tnsnames.ora
      (FAILOVER = ON)
      (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST =scan name)(PORT = 1527))
      (SERVICE_NAME =servicename)
      (TYPE = SELECT)
      (METHOD = BASIC)
      (RETRIES = 0)
      (DELAY = 0)

      i have already have the basic, select for TAF in tnsnames.ora?But when i enter srvctl config command i don't see the config details,Do i need to modify using srvctl modify service command?

      can anyone provide me a good document on services and explaining run time load balancing goal,Management policy,TAF ??