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    Customize  the order management when book order

    Leno Sun

      We are facing an issue with Customize order management in EBS R12 as follows:
      The order has been created already.
      When press BOOK button in order management,we want to do sth to the order(some logic check for Headers and Lines).
      If the reasult is illegal, instead of book the order ,popup message to user and hold the order at the same time(the line which is illegal and its header)(call API to hold the order).
      We have tryed some ways,but it seems can not work.
      Solution 1. use form personalize.but there is no way to catch the press book button trigger for we can do this things.
      (only when-new-form-instance,when-new-item-instance...trigger can be personalized,and the book button seems no when-new-item-instance trigger)
      Solution 2.rewrite custom.pll.as the same with Soluton1,there is no method to write the when-button-pressed trigger.

      We do not want to rewrite the ebs standard form or standard pll,so is that any way to achieve this?

      Looking forward to helping answers and thanks already.
      We really appreciate your suggestion.

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