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    Prerequisite script for Exadata Discovery using wrong domainname command?

      Does the Prerequisite script for Exadata Discovery use the Wrong domainname command? It uses domainname, should it be using dnsdomainname?
      The script is found in this MOS note: Prerequisite script for Exadata Discovery in Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c [ID 1473912.1]

      My System administrator wrote "what the precheck script says it is watching out for, is NOT what it’s checking, and what it is checking is NOT needed.
      They say they need the “domain name” to be set, but what they’re checking is the NIS domain name. This is echoed in the man page for “domainname” …
      The man page even has a warning NOT to use “domainname” to check the DNS domain"

      So is the pre-check script wrong, or is the running OEM/agents/discoverer going to look for the apparently doaminname set value within a NIS construct?
      The sysadmins are trying to avoid having anything set with NIS, for fear it confuses a new admin or consultant.

      Thanks in advance for your thoughts. -- Shaun

      PS, if it is wrong, how do we get it corrected with Oracle?
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          This answer came in from the Oracle Support Community via an Oracle employee:

          According to a remark that is attached to the note that you mention, your concerns are correct:

          "domainname" command does indeed return NIS domainname.
          The DNS domain name that we actually want to use should be checked by "dnsdomainname" command.

          [root@hostname ~]# dnsdomainname
          [root@hostname ~]# domainname
          [root@hostname ~]# domainname -h
          Usage: hostname [-v] hostname set hostname (from file)
          domainname [-v] nisdomain set NIS domainname (from file)
          hostname [-v] [-d|-f|-s|-a|-i|-y|-n] display formatted name
          hostname [-v] display hostname

          The response to the remark explains that we are testing this in our internal environment. We have found one issue with this check. The NOTE authors plan to upload the new version of the script when the updated script is fully tested.

          At your service,

          Dave M.