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    Is Developer Suite 10gR2 used with Forms 11g?

      The company will soon be migrating to 11g. In preparation, I looked for Developer Suite 11g, but found only 10gR2.

      Is there no Developer Suite 11G? If not, what is the replacement for Forms development?

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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle
          Some of the tools (Forms/Reports) previously included with "Developer Suite" are now included as part of the Fusion Middleware distribution set. There no longer is a separate download for Builders. During the installation process you will be asked if you want the Builders installed or not. If you are new to Fusion Middleware, I strongly encourage you to review the product documentation, including the System Requirements documentation. This will help to ensure a smooth migration.

          Also, you did not specifically mention which "Forms 11g" you were planning to use - 11.1.1 or 11.1.2. That said, here is the documentation library link for Release 2 (11.1.2). Be aware that Release 2 does not include Portal or Discoverer whereas Release 1 does.

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            Hi Michael,

            Do you know if Discoverer will be bundled with Forms and Reports in subsequent releases after R2 (11.1.2) in the near future? or Will Discoverer be permanently bundled with BI product?

            I ask this question because we are planning to upgrade our Forms 10G to 11G and we definitely need Discoverer service. I understand that 11G release 1, Forms, Reports and Discoverer are bundled.

            With 11G R1: Forms & Reports Builders cannot be installed separately on each developer's Windows PC. So the PC has large footprint. We use Windows for development and Solaris for deployment. But it is cleaner because we only one install type.

            With 11G R2: We can take advantage of 11G new features including the PC footprint reduction. But my understanding is that if we need Discoverer, we have to install it separately, more likely we must use 11G R1 and may require additional licence if it is now bundled with BI product (is it correct?). This creates a less than desirable/clean environment i.e. two Oracle Homes, two different install types with different releases.

            Thank you in advance
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              I have the same question. I know that on the server I need to install the repository schemas, install WLS, install the FMW components, and Web Tier -- and configure them all. My question is directly to how does FMW change the way developers build forms on their desktops and what tool is used now? Our current environment is as follows:

              Server is AIX with OAS 10g Forms/Report/Portal with OID / SSO installed and configured.

              Client machines for our developers have Oracle Developer Suite 10g on Windows to build their forms and then they FTP them to the AIX server where they compile them and test them using the Forms Server.

              What do I need to download/configure for Developers to do something like this with 11g?
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                Michael Ferrante-Oracle
                The 11.1.2 release was a special release just for Forms/Reports. I do not believe such a release will be made for Disco. If you need Forms, Reports, and Discoverer then you only have two options:

                Option 1. Use 11.1.1 (Release 1) for development and deployment.

                Option 2. Use 11.1.1 for Disco and 11.1.2 for Forms/Reports