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    Create a new record from an existing record


      Header Block H -> Table A with a main text field identifier called "ID" (ID fields is generated only after saving)
      Multi Detail Block D1 -> Table B
      Multi details Block D2 -> Table C and which is Child of Table B.

      Table C is populated in the post - insert of Table B and the records of D2 are viewed in a display / read only form by clicking a Block

      User wants the facility to copy the whole functionality. The requirement is to create a new record to be created with the original values of the existing record and on saving a new value should be generated in the ID field.

      We can have a copy button .

      We are wondering what is the approach that has to be taken for this. Will a create_record and duplicate_record work in the Copy Button

      Please suggest any pointers...on what other things need to be taken care...so that the end result a new record successfully. Would appreciate a details approach here....