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    Web gui luci (High Availability Management) not presenting named resource

    Craig C.
      I'm running Oracle Linux 6.4 (2.6.39-400.17.1.el6uek.x86_64) High Availability Cluster.

      For some reason I cannot determine, the Resource "named" is not presented in the GUI interface presented by luci.

      In the directory /usr/share/cluster/ there are the correct files, named.metadata and named.sh

      If I manually edit the /etc/cluster/cluster.conf and add in a named service, then it displays properly in the web interface, but still named is not offered in either the Resources section or as a Resource that can be added to a Service Group.

      This isn't a 'show stopper' since I can edit the cluster.conf file by hand, but I would prefer to keep the GUI functional so less daring co-workers are comfortable making changes.

      Anyone know what's going on?