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    NullpointerException: Property value can not be null (dimval.display_name)

      Hi ,

      I am following ATG-Endeca sku based indexing approach.
      During indexing ATG repository data, when i am trying to index one Map property having both keys and values as a strings i am getting below error.

      Inside customcatalog.xml I am having,

      <gsa-template xml-combine="append">
      <item-descriptor name="product">
      <table name="Myproj_product_tag" type="multi" id-column-name="product_id" multi-column-name="product_tag_key">
      <attribute name="resourceBundle" value="com.MyProj.resources.CustomCatalogResources"/>
      <property name="tag" display-name-resource="tag" column-name="product_tag_value" data-type="map" component-data-type="string" category="MyProj Extensions"/>

      In Psoc.xml

      <item property-name="tag" is-multi="true" map-iteration-type="wildcard"/>
      <property name="*" type="string"/>

      I am getting below errors,
      Error java.lang.NullpointerException: Property value can not be null (dimval.display_name)

      Error at com.endeca.itl.record.PropertyValue.<init>(PropertyValue.java:39)

      I stressed above class PropertyValue.java:39, i found that there is one property for which value is comming null,

      dimval.dimension_spec=[item.type], dimval.display_name=[null], dimval.qualified_spec=[item.type:tagMap], dimval.spec=[tagMap], dimval.parent_spec=[item.type]}

      Recommend any remedies.