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    Custom ESS Job: Parameters are missing after attaching LOV


      I have created a custom ESS Job which has 4 Parameters.
      Out of 4 parameter,with two I want to attach LOVs.

      Steps followed to attach the LOV:

      1. created a VO using Jdev and Placed on the server.
      2. Created the value source based on the VO created in the step 1.
      3. Attached the value source with the Parameter to display as LOV.
      4. Saved the ESS Job.

      If I reopen the ESS Job in Edit mode to attach the LOV for Second Parameter.
      I do not see any parameter in the parameter tab for the Custom ESS Job.

      While If I try to submit the Job from Scheduled Processes window, I can see all 4 parameters, one with LOV.

      Application Detail:

      Fusion HCM Compensation
      Jdev Used to create the Custom VO:

      Can any one please help on this?

      Thanks in Advance,

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