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    data base creation date

      on FSCM 91, Tools 8.49
      in which peopleSoft table can we see the database creation time ?

      Any kind of DB (Oracle, Sqlserver,DB2).

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          In most cases you can use LASTREFRESHDTTM in the PSSTATUS table if you don't want to use a database-specific source.

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            Thanks Bob.

            I know that for Oracle I can query created in v$database.

            Do you know for SQLSERVER in which db table I can find it ?

            I ran select LASTREFRESHDTTM from PSSTATUS on SQLSERVER db but it displays date of first creation. And if DB is refreshed in between ? Where is the last real refreshed time ?

            Thanks and regards.
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              For SQL Server try
              select name, crdate from master..sysdatabases where name = 'YOURDBNAME'

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              Any data in the tables is going to be refreshed down from production, so if you want to use a table to store this info I recommend building it into your refresh process. Sometimes it's nice to create a table outside of the PeopleSoft database such as in a administration schema or consolidated admin database that you insert into each refresh, it's nice to have the history sometimes.