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    Creating search state to search for multiple types

    Nelash Jindal

      I am creating a search field where an user can type any word and it will search for it in three different types of assets.

      As of now, I am creating three diff search states and adding corresponding constraint to them.

      Is this the right way to do OR is there any work around where I can create only one search state and add three diff constrains for these diff asset types.

      Any guidance will be really appreciated.

      Nelash Jindal
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          Have you explored the integrated lucene search functionality? Basically you can allow lucene to index the asset types you want to search in and create a search form that queries the index. The internal search in the contributor UI is using the same method.
          Check the developers guide page: 857 Public Site Search, this could be used for your purpose as well... On the authoring environment all asset types are already enabled to be indexed.

          Hope this helps.