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    Handling Integrity constraint of tables relatinships for data manipulation

      Hi all,
      I have an requirement that assigned to me,need assistance from any of you that will be much help full for me to start up.

      There are some data discrepancies in some tables, i have to clear out by deleting or updating the correct one.
      the problem i am facing here is that, while updating or deleting the record of the parent table. i have to manipulte the child table records also due to the integrity constraints.I will be familar with table reltionship up to some level of hierarchy.

      The hierarchy is extended more than 20 and so.To correct the records i do need to handle all the tables with the integrity constraints on the table in my script.

      Instead of writing the script to handle all the child tables with it's integrity constraints to correct the records.

      Does it possible to write a script that can handle all the child tables records using integrity constraints through all_constrainsts and columns globally by handling the exceptions through recursions.

      Correct me if i am wrong for the above mentioned are impossible and Need your suggestions!!!

      Thanks & regards,