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    Deploying JavaFX on Ubuntu (to a .deb package) -- Installed-Size error

      I've already posted this to the NetBeans forums several times over the past 4-5 days, but no answers, so I thought I'd try here, since perhaps this is JavaFX related.

      Essentially, I'm getting a "package is of bad quality" error (due to bad DEBIAN/control field "Installed-Size") when I attempt to install a .deb I've created with NetBeans when I install it on Ubuntu 12.04

      Here are all the gory details:

      -also, a link to SO as well-

      Has anyone here successfully deployed to Ubuntu (or Debian itself) and you are not getting this "package is of bad quality" warning when installing? Or know how to fix it?

      (Please see my last post--at bottom--at the netbeans forum link above for all the places--multiple links in that post--that I've referenced in an attempt to figure this out!)

      My app runs fine, I just click 'Ignore and install' button--but that's really dirty and certainly undeliverable to a client that way!

      ~ Brad