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    PeopleSoft Test Framework 8.53 - Could not access HTML document error

    Dan Kibler
      I am a total PTF newbie trying to record my first test. I have the framework running and am able to log in to the database. I am trying to record my first test.

      Starting with IE closed, I open the test recorder and click the "house" icon. IE opens to my login page.

      I click the record button and get a dialog with "Could not access HTML Document, please check your browser settings."

      I have also tried to log in to Peoplesoft in the browser before clicking record with the same results.

      I am using IE 9 on Windows 7. I tried to follow the Peoplebooks "Configuring the Browser Security Settings" in "Installing a PTF Client." However the Internet Options - Security tab is not visible to me (IE version?, Security locked down?) so I cannot add my domain to the intranet zone security settings. Is this the cause of my issue? (I have no problem accessing the Peoplesoft site otherwise.)

      Any help is appreciated