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    How to Import Order Line Items


      My job requires me to key over 50 order line items (per order) and I receive around 400 orders per week. It's pretty tiresome and its not ergonomical.
      I was wondering if there's any way I can "Import" order line items from an Excel sheet, instead. For each line item, there are only 3 columns I key in:
      - Part #
      - Order Qty #
      - Inv. Loc #

      Other required fields (Order UOM, Handling Type, Lead Time Cat., (Publish) List Price, etc.) will then populate automattically.

      My question is whether this is possible?

      Any help will me appreciated. I will then ask the IT department to help implement. Thank you.
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          Importing can be done through EIM, but involves some work by Administrators.

          You can also try to do it with an Import Object, but this is not fully supported by Siebel.
          Another option would be through Script.
          More info on Supportweb: How to Create Import Object for Quote Item [ID 863848.1]
          How Can Scripting Be Used to Extract Information From an Excel File and Save the Information in Siebel Objects When Using Thin Client? [ID 798144.1]

          As a last resort you can also add some Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to the Excel sheet.