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      I am new in APEX, it seems to me this tool is like Access for creating report and mask

      a question

      can I create my own Business Logic and how ?
      is it like Access where I can adjust the code ?

      where will I put my code and in what language ?
      where do I put i.e. my javascript to adjust my page ?

      just need simple answers

      Thanks in advance
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          Andreas Wismann
          APEX is similar to Access in that it deals with structured data (typically stored in tables) and you can program it to your needs.
          It's very different from Access since APEX applications run in any modern internet browser - and only there.
          It's even more different from Access because data is stored in a centrally managed Oracle database, not in private files.
          The "framework" of an APEX application from the user's point of view, hence, is HTML.

          The primary programming language for APEX is SQL and PL/SQL.
          Many components (like reports) are predefined an ready to use out-of-the-box, but if you want, you can program a completely different "world" into your application - like for instance a PHP programmer would, using PL/SQL as the server programming language.
          You can put your program code either in APEX components or (the better choice) into the database.
          (if you're new to this topic then you should first get more information about programming the Oracle database itself)

          Other web based programming languages like JavaScript (not Java!) and jQuery can be applied, too. There are various places to store your JavaScript code (page templates, external files, inline in components, you name it...)

          APEX supports numerous other web standards natively, like HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), AJAX and Web Services, just to name a few.
          The list of features is VERY long, and APEX is a stable and very reliable product. It comes at no extra cost if you have licensed any current Oracle Database, or you can even use APEX completely for free in conjunction with the database edition called "Oracle XE".

          Access is never free :-)

          Hope this helps.
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            Welcome to apex community.

            All about apex is available here :).