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        Ramin Hashimzadeh
        Oracle_Monkey wrote:
        Hi i have 15 months experience and just started my career.
        i have not done any significant work really so far.

        I have been assigned to a very good development project in Telecom domain.They want a senior oracle developer but since they are not getting one they took me.They
        told its a challenging position and i would have to work alone.

        But the problem is i will have to relocate to different city which is quite far from my hometown and i really don't want to go there.:(.The place really sucks
        Should i let go this project and wait for another chance so i get the project in the same city? :)

        Suggestions from experts .

        thanks & regards,

        from india
        i didnt read other answers in this thread, but in my opinion if your age under < 25 , you havent got own family and offcource you havent got any other work now and any other problem which can stop you, then GO :-). Because you can get from this project a good experience for the future ))

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          John Stegeman
          As much as I like the "go for it" attitude that has been expressed by so many replies here, I myself would take a long critical look at myself, my skill set, and my limitations to try to assess whether I had a chance of being successful. I always am looking to expand my skills and my experience, and the way to do that is by taking on a role/project that I have not done in some respect in the past. However, I also have to be realistic about my skills and what I can and cannot do. If a huge multinational bank called me tomorrow and said, we need a new CIO and we want to offer you the job for a bazillion dollars a year, I'd reasonably have to tell myself that the chance of my success in such a role vs my chance of being the cause of a massive fiasco is not a ratio that I felt comfortable with.

          In the end, you have to be willing to take risks to advance in your career - no question about that. The key questions are"how big is that risk" and "what are the potential rewards if I succeed?"

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          • 17. Re: Career related problem
            Ramin Hashimzadeh
            agree with you. But the author has not experienced and do not want him to stand boss)). Of course first he must assess himself, think about the risks. But if, after this project, he can get a good experience for the future date, why not. Again, the decision to take him , everyone here suggestion own opinion.

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              Thanks for all your wonderful replies.

              I took the project as it will benefit my long term career goals and will give me immense learning exposure.
              Yes i am below 25 :) .I took this up as a challenge .I will have to sacrifice something .And i think sacrifice is worth it.

              "They want a senior oracle developer but since they are not getting one".
              They don't want to recruit a developer from outside the company.

              Agreed its not a career solving forum but your opinion has helped me greatly.

              Thanks :)

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                So, instead of answers here are some questions for you to ponder:

                # How talented do you think you are?
                # How talented are you really?
                # Do you feel lucky?

                Cheers, APC
                Hi APC,

                They actually took my feedback from my manager and then selected me.I have always shown hunger to learn Oracle.Maybe that part worked
                Yes you are right about the metrics
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                  Rahul  K wrote:
                  Agree to what APC wrote(This is not a career forum). I don't think what you are assuming is right . A telecom domain project ,in no case ,can be handled by a single database person and that too with an year of experience.I have never seen more data than what is generated in form of CDRs in telecom industry. For a fresher ,place shouldn't be a constraint and at the end of the you sleep in a 10*10 bed room and spend 60 percent of your time inside your office premises.Work in one good development project and you are going to be a life long beneficiary because people often don't get development projects in India(completely my opinion).Find it out and even if there are a few people accompanying you in your project then go for it ,coz this challenge would be worrying the stakeholders more than you .:)


                  Hi Rahul,

                  Cant agree with you more .In between i am from delhi too .dont wanna leave this place though
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