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    Sun v40z not turning in properly?

      I have recently purchased a sun v40z off ebay that did work. After stuffing around with the menus on the LCD screen, when I apply power the LCD screen stays blank with the CPU fans on at max. I spent a bit of money on this (I'm only 14 and like my hard earned money :) ) and am a bit disappointed that it isn't working.

      I have tried:_
      Resetting CMOS (with jumpers and by taking out battery)
      Random different combinations of buttons
      Taking out HDDs

      I am trying right now (after I post this):*
      Taking out individual RAM sticks and CPUs
      Throwing the server out of the window into the neighbors yard if that doesn't work ;) ( <- I might need some help cause I don't think I can throw 36kgs ;p)

      Thanks heaps!

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