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    causes for "coreadm Errno=13 " in dmesg

      would anyone have suggestion as to what could cause errors such as (from dmesg)

      Mar 9 22:18:00 uk1upvapmur060 genunix: [ID 457380 kern.notice] NOTICE: core_log: mx[16500] core dump failed, errno=30: /var/coreloc/core_uk1upvapmur060_mx_22815_1007_1362867480_16500

      Mar 9 00:29:01 uk1upvapmur056 genunix: [ID 457380 kern.notice] NOTICE: core_log: mx[8941] core dump failed, errno=13: /var/coreloc/core_uk1upvapmur056_mx_22815_1007_1362788941_8941

      the issue is that the target location is accessible. It can be read. there are some cores there.

      any help or suggestion really appreciated.
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          Mike Gerdts-Oracle
          According to intro(2):

          30 EROFS Read-only file system

          An attempt to modify a file or direc-
          tory was made on a device mounted

          13 EACCES Permission denied

          An attempt was made to access a file
          in a way forbidden by the protection

          It looks to me as though /var/coreloc was a read-only file system at 22:18:00. The next error message indicates that something changed but it's still not writable. Perhaps there's an NFS file system mounted at /var/coreloc and it is not exported in such a way that it is writable by root.

          You posted this question in the zones forum. Is there a reason that you suspect something specific to zones is to blame or were you just having problems finding the right forum?
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            Check with "coreadm" the location of the core files. Make sure that the directory exist and has read/write permissions.