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    Need help with upgrade.sh arguments (3.2.2)

    Dan Barker
      I used upgrade.sh --export to copy my Oracle-XE database to xml.
      I then uninstalled OVMM and reinstalled it with the same UUID to get it running with MySQL vs. Oracle-XE.
      Now, I need to import my data.

      I've already tried (with and without mysql running):
      sh ./ovm_upgrade.sh dbuser=ovs dbpass=******** import workpath=/tmp/exp
      sh ./ovm_upgrade.sh dbuser=oracle dbpass=******** import workpath=/tmp/exp
      sh ./ovm_upgrade.sh dbsid=ovs dbuser=ovs dbpass=******** import --workpath=/tmp/exp
      sh ./ovm_upgrade.sh dbsid=ovs dbuser=oracle dbpass=******** import --workpath=/tmp/exp

      The only addition I had to make to get the export to work was add '--dbsid=XE'

      The error I get on the import, regardless of the arguments I've guessed so far is:

      Using existing transform XSL files
      Copying deleted classes files to patch path location
      2013-04-05 09:06:16,974 INFO Oracle OVM Manager Upgrade Processor
      2013-04-05 09:06:16,975 INFO
      2013-04-05 09:06:16,975 INFO Upgrade Initialization Starting
      2013-04-05 09:06:17,180 INFO Oracle Distributed Object Fabric (ODOF): Copyright (C) 2007, 2012 Oracle. All rights reserved.
      2013-04-05 09:06:17,180 INFO ODOF Version:
      2013-04-05 09:06:17,180 INFO Initializing...
      2013-04-05 09:06:17,237 ERROR Failed to connect to Database! Error: **
      java.sql.SQLRecoverableException: IO Error: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection

      What's the magic?