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    formsweb.cfg using JRE 7

      Installed: OL6 Update 4, Java 7 Update 17, wls1036_generic.jar, Fusion Forms and Reports

      I can access the forms on my Desktop computer where I manually installed JDK/JRE 7 Update 17. I am having trouble accessing from my Laptop where I did not install manually JDK/JRE 7. I am trying to get the forms server to prompt to install to test my configuration as follows. I would also prefer to have these settings be dynamic in that it will always load the latest JRE 7.

      Settings Used in formsweb.cfg

      -- jpi_download_page=http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.htm

      -- jpi_classid=clsid:CAFEEFAC-0017-0000-FFFF-ABCDEFFEDCBA

      -- jpi_codebase=http://java.sun.com/update/1.7.0/jinstall-7-windows-i586.cab#Version=1,7,0

      -- jpi_mimetype=application/x-java-applet

      Thank you in advance for any help/guidance.
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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle
          You left out some important information:

          1. On which platform is the client?
          2. Which browser and version is being used?
          3. You said, "...having trouble accessing from my Laptop ...". What does this mean? Are there errors? What happens? If you do a view source in the browser, do you see the Forms html?

          Also, this will not get you the latest Java version:


          That will get you the base release of Java 7 which would be considered the older version of JRE 7. Change that to the following and as new versions are made available, the autoupdate feature will prompt users.


          This will cause any JRE installed to be used if not using IE:


          This should get you similar behavior to using the Family ID for IE:

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            You need to be more specific about what doesn't work due to the large differences between browsers.

            btw I would make sure to link to a specific version of java such as this:

            Otherwise the users will use the online installer and end up installing nuisance software with java such as toolbars.
            So I think that you will end up needing to keep adjusting your formsweb.cfg.

            What I do is put the jre on a server and point the users to that jre like "currentjre.exe" . Then I just update that and they get the
            most recent version of java. Since the vendor does not provide a version independent download you can't get version independence
            using their web site. In my experience there is no browser that observes family classid's other than IE so I would not use them. Classid
            was a concept only IE had but further, other browsers never had an equivalent mechanism either.
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              Originally, I misunderstood and thought the version of the JRE on the client had to match the JDK version on the server.

              The issue is that there are clients on different platforms using different browsers:

              -- Widows XP 32-Bit using IE8 and Firefox (Windows XP 32-bit can't use IE9)

              -- Windows 7 64-Bit using IE8 and IE9 and Firefox 19

              I get one platform working, in the sense that it will download the correct JRE, but doesn't work for another.

              Is there a way to solve for all clients in that it will download the correct JRE for their platform?

              Thank you in advance.

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                Michael Ferrante-Oracle
                You first have to decide is whether or not you have a need to use 64bit Internet Explorer. In most cases, there is no reason to use it. The default IE in Win7 is 32bit even if using the 64bit OS. This is important because you must use a 32bit JRE with a 32bit browser and 64 with 64. So, in your case because you also have XP clients, you will need to configure to use 32bit JREs on all client machines.

                Generally speaking, if you can get a form to run in one browser version it will run in any version. So this means, that once you have successfully configured any IE version (32bit) and configured for any FF version, any other versions should work. If they do not, this means you have either a browser configuration issue (e.g. security settings blocking the JRE) or there is a compatibility issue between the JRE and the browser.

                This configuration should work for all browser certified with Forms
                Be sure to review the Forms Client Certification information for

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                  Thank you very much lake and Michael.

                  I appreciate your help, tips, and reference links.

                  For those reviewing this at a later date, all answers provided here will work.

                  Thank you.

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