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    RMan and Dataguard

      Dataguard and RMAN.

      Got Active DataGuard on a primary database, quite nicely sending its archive logs to its secondary.
      I can quite happily use the Broker and switchover between them.

      Now if I take RMAN backups of the primary database, if I have to failover to the secondary, I'm gonna loose all those backups.
      Well, I can restore the whole database to the backup, cos I can restore the control file, from the backuip and therefore I can restore the whole db.

      But if I want to restore to a tablespace, I wont be able to , cos the db_unique_names names are different, and the DB ID's will be different.

      Same goes if I use a recovery catalog....

      so how do I failover/switchover without loosing my previous rman backups ??