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    Problem in Terminal

    HuaMin Chen
      Within my Oracle Linux 5.8, when I login the server using "oracle" login, and then go to the Terminal, I get the prompt like


      in that. Why?
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          HuaMin Chen wrote:
          Open your favorite web browser.
          Go to Google's web site.
          Type ...
          <pre>bash-3.2$ </pre>
          ... onto the search line.

          Learn what that means.
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            HuaMin Chen
            Why is the problem only for "oracle" user, while for "root" user, no such problem?
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              If you actually bothered to teach yourself about various topics, instead of posting to a forum and expecting others to spoonfeed answers to you, you might proceed faster in your learning.

              You do not have a "problem".
              You are seeing a shell prompt that is telling you what your OS shell happens to be for whatever user has opened that particular environment.
              Your system is configured to use the Bourne-Again-Shell (otherwise referred to as `bash`).
              Root user uses something different.

              That is expected and normal behaviour and set-up for Unix and Linux.

              Go to Google or Wikipedia and teach yourself about shells..

              If you did your own research first, you would also get the information so very much quicker than waiting for a forum reply.

              For example, while researching information about shells, you would certainly learn how to customize the terminal prompt to make it appear as whatever you want it to say, such as time-and-date or perhaps current-working-directory.

              No one is going to type such information into a forum reply.

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                Sorry, but after doing a bit of a background check I decided to withdraw my previous answer.

                *HuaMin Chen's dishonest behaviour on OTN by plagiarizing others work*
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                  HuaMin Chen
                  Thanks Dude. Do I need to recreate bashrc file for "oracle" user or not?
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                    I was actually reluctant to answer your question at first after seeing the response of Rukbat. I generally defend the philosophy of trying to bring everyone on board and support people who seem less skilled or talented. It is usually a good chance to make friends.

                    Nevertheless, I started wondering about the outcome of previous threads and did a quick search on the OTN forum. I updated my previous reply. Sorry, I find this unacceptable and the response of Rukbat, which seemed harsh and unusual at first, actually too mild.
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                      HuaMin Chen
                      Dear Dude,
                      It's really quite sad to hear this from you! I am actually one eager people to help others (please see my profile within MSDN)

                      I know I did some mistakes in Oracle forums to just copy the information/advice from other links as I just wanted to help others immediately! I really really appreciated you a lot due to the previous threads to which you did provide lots of help!
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                        It is, because general matters of copyright infringements aside, I find the practice of using freely available information for the sake of pretending knowledge or boosting your own personal forum profile without giving credit to the true source very unethical in particular.

                        We all learn from each other and it would be crazy to always provide the sources of knowledge, but to copy and paste is very cheap and lame. Pretending to use such practice in order to quickly help others is nonsense and further discredits you. I understand there can be cultural and social differences, but I find it very difficult to believe that you are or were not aware of what you are doing.

                        Sorry if any of this is incorrect, but I have no reason to assume that the information by the link previously provided is incorrect. You are busted. Perhaps the best course of action is to acknowledge your mistakes and correct issues were possible. Maybe erasing your credits and giving you a second change was an option, but that is not my call to make.
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                          +... and now it is time to lock this thread. The original question was asked and answered...+

                          ( Here is a suggested book that covers today's question and much much more fundamental guidance on basic Unix knowledge:
                          http://shop.oreilly.com/product/9780596100292.do )