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    Integrated ADF application (taskflow) to webcenter portal

      My assignment is to test creating a simple portal using oracle webcenter by integrating few existing ADF applications to evaluate how easy we can develop this and decide whether we should go with oracle webcenter.
      The requirement is that I need to create a portal with 2 sections; each section display the first page of a different ADF application. Is there anybody know documents or blogs I should have a look like step-by-step instructions? I just started Oracle webcenter few days ago but need a speedy development for a proof of concept. I use jDeveloper
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          Daniel Merchán

          To integrate ADF Applications into a WebCenter Portal Framework Application you can follow one of the next ways:

          1) Expose all your ADF applications as Bounded Task Flows and include them into Resource Catalog of WebCenter Portal. Recommended:
          - Create and Consuming Task Flow in WebCenter Portal: http://yonaweb.be/webcenter_tutorial/part_6_building_taskflow_and_consuming_it_webcenter_portal
          - ADF Task Flow Reuse in WebCenter Spaces: http://yonaweb.be/reusing_taskflows_adf_application_webcenter_spaces_0
          - Ways to consume Task Flow in WebCenter Portal (in spanish): http://danielmerchanoracle.blogspot.co.uk/2011/08/integrar-adf-task-flows-propios-en-una.html

          2) Register your ADF Applications as External Applications in WebCenter Portal:
          - http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/webcenter.1111/e10148/jpsdg_security.htm#JPSDG729

          I hope this help you.

          PD: For a PoC is recommendable install all WebCenter Suite including UCM in a environment. For a demo WebCenter Spaces is most powerfull than a Custom Poral Application.

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