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    OC4J instance is down in Oracle Portal Server

      Hi all,

      I am new to Oracle Portal 10g. In production environment the portal server component OC4J is automatically shutting down often and came back with few min's. Why it is happening?

      The server.log file has below entry

      " 07:59:37 Stopped (Shutdown executed by jazn.com/admin from (localhost.localdomain))
      13/02/13 08:04:24 Started
      13/02/13 08:04:29 Started "

      Please advice me on this.
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          The reason behind your error is because OC4J_BI_FORMS is being restarted repeatedly changing its status: Alive->Stop->Init->Alive.

          Disable the restart parameter from opmn.xml for OC4J component or increase the timeout value. Details given in given below metalink document id:

          +Slow or No Response of Reports 10g/10gR2 Ping URL Causes OPMN To Restart OC4J_BI_FORMS [ID 261867.1]+*