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    Anyone got a SQL script that outputs Oracle create statements?

      Hi all,

      I've been using a data modeling tool (ER/Studio from Embarcadero Technologies) to design my database (which currently is 11g XE running on Win7). I need to ensure that the data model and database are 100% in sync. My lack of DBA abilities now haunts me. I need to accomplish one of two things.

      1. Run a SQL script that outputs the full compliment of Oracle CREATE statements that define my app's database (BTW, all of my tables are prefixed with "PT_").
      2. Connect ER/Studio with the local 11g XE database.

      Unless someone is familiar with ER/Studio reverse-engineering, I imagine #1 above is the more straightforward solution. Does anybody have such a script they can share with me?

      Thanks so much,