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    Oracle Work flow/e-Biz Events

      Hi All,

      Need some info regarding Oracle Workflow and E-Business Suite R12 events.

      We have defined a business event in a E-Biz R12 and its subscription is of type ‘Launch Work Flow’ to launch a node(activity) of the work-flow. This activity is not the start node(activity) of the wf. Name of the activity is ‘Receive data’

      ‘Receive data’ is defined as an ‘receive-event’ type of activity. We’ll invoke the workflow from back-end, it will halt at the ‘Receive data’. When e-Biz event is raised, workflow will be resumed.

      We’ll be running different instances of work-flow. So, how do I inform e-Biz event to resume a particular instance of work flow?

      My assumption is:
      Work-flow (wf) instances are distinguish based on item-key while e-Biz event takes event-key as an input parameter when it is raised. E-Biz event will match the event-key with item-key of workflow and resume the correct instance of wf. Is it correct?

      All pointers are appreciated.



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          Saroja Kandepuneni-Oracle
          Yes, the combination of item type and item identifies the instance of work flow.
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            Alejandro Sosa-Oracle
            So to do this:
            1. Create an activity in the WF process so that it is a event-receiving activity and specify the event name that will make it resume
            2. Define the event and subscription in BES Studio. Create a subscription for the event so that it resumes/starts a workflow process
            3. Raise the business event by specifying its EVENT_KEY as the WF process item type

            When the BES gets the event it will identify the item type from the event subscription and will look for an activity waiting for an event and will resume that activity if the process item key corresponds to the event EVENT_KEY.

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              Hiten Vira
              It is very simple to use Business Events in conjunction with Oracle Workflow in Oracle Apps. Please refer the step by step instructions provided at http://tenthsense.blogspot.se/2013/04/how-to-use-business-events-in-oracle.html

              It will give you the way to solve your problem.