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    Unrecognized JDBC URL

      hi, all:
      i'm working in jdev

      i have created a simple adf app(one table for the moment) which works well only after i ALTER TABLE to add some columns.
      1.edit EO to add attribute from the newly altered table.
      --it's ok.
      2.edit the VO (or even delete the old VO to create a new one) based on the refreshed EO, to include new attributes.
      --in the QUERY tab for the VO, when press TEST AND EXPLAIN button, an error occured like this:
      "Error encountered:java.sql.SQLException: Unrecognized JDBC URL
      subtype: null"
      --but connection to the db in jdev is ok.
      3. if i ignore these alert and go on ,and run the jspx agian. errors in log file like this:
      JBO-27021: java.sql.SQLException, .....
      Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: invalid index ...

      Can anyone give helps?