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    what is the purpose of nmenroll


      I have two machines: A, B I want to create a weblogic cluster and I have installed software, and node manager.

      I don´t understand what is exactly the purpose of nmenroll. Please can you explain it for me?. I have created a cluster in machine A , and export the structure into machine B, and everything is correct, for what I need nmenroll?

      Thank you very much.
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          "nmEnroll" is required to register your weblogic domain with the nodemanager running on that machine, so that nodemanager can monitor resources associated with the enrolled domain.
          In your case suppose you have 2 managed servers each on domain A & B and all on same machine M1. Now you start a nodemanager on machine M1 and enroll domain A & B with nodemanager on M1. Post that you can configure managed server on both domain to be monitored by nodemanager, so nodemanager will start/stop that server, auto-restart on failure, perform a crash recovery, etc.