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    starting cluster fails, managed servers can't seem to connect to admin serv

      I have been trying to run the WebLogic JPA example from,


      but not having much luck on three different Linux machines,

      The first issue I found was if you did not set the memory options just right, the JVM would just hang,

      I am now using,

                     <jvmarg value="-XX:PermSize=512m"/>
                     <jvmarg value="-XX:MaxPermSize=960m"/>

      with JDK 1.7_17, not sure if there are better options...

      The 3 servers are started using (each with different port, all server run on the same machine, as with the admin server),

      <java classname="weblogic.Server"
      <jvmarg value="-server"/>
      <!--jvmarg value="-Xms512m"/>
      <jvmarg value="-Xmx960m"/-->
                     <jvmarg value="-XX:PermSize=512m"/>
                     <jvmarg value="-XX:MaxPermSize=960m"/>
      <env key="PATH" value="${env.JAVA_HOME}/bin:${env.PATH}"/>
                     <sysproperty key="java.security.egd" value="file:///dev/./urandom"/>
      <sysproperty key="weblogic.Name" value="server1"/>
      <sysproperty key="bea.home" value="${JEE_HOME}"/>
      <sysproperty key="weblogic.management.server" value="${JEE_HOST}:7001"/>
      <sysproperty key="weblogic.management.username" value="${JEE_USER}"/>
      <sysproperty key="weblogic.management.password" value="${JEE_PASSWORD}"/>
      <sysproperty key="java.security.police" value='"${JEE_SERVER}/lib/weblogic.policy"'/>
      <sysproperty key="weblogic.RootDirectory" value="${JEE_DOMAIN}"/>
      <sysproperty key="weblogic.Stdout" value="server1.log"/>
      <sysproperty key="weblogic.Stderr" value="server1.err"/>
      <fileset dir="${JEE_SERVER}/lib" includes="weblogic.jar,weblogic_sp.jar"/>
      <pathelement location="${env.JAVA_HOME}/lib/tools.jar"/>

      I found that the start-up would sometimes fail on some of the machines unless I used,

                     <sysproperty key="java.security.egd" value="file:///dev/./urandom"/>

      But on once machine this does not help either,

      I also tried using unicast, but still does not start,

      the admin server starts, then the managed servers start and seem to try to connect to the admin server and just never do, never get past STARTING (to STARTED in the log).

      Another have any other ideas?