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    windows service...node manager?

      If i am trying to start oracle forms and reports using oralce weblogic server as a window service so it can start automatically when server is on, does oracle node manager need to be on or configured? or it doesnt matter...
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          You can go for directly configuring managed server as windows service which will start server when machine boots or can configure a nodemanager as windows service and enroll complete domain with nodemanager process.
          Both options will work, but there are certain benefits using nodemanager as windows services - 1) suppose you have 4 managed servers running on machine, then if you go for configuring each server as a windows service there will be 4 services configured, whereas a single nodemanager process configured as service will monitor all managed servers running on the machine. 2) With nodemanager you can also enable features like "autoRestart" and "crashRecoveryEnabled" which will benefit at times when server shuts down abruptly - here nodemanager will try to restart server automatically.

          Better would be to go with nodemanager as a windows service.

          configure managed servers as windows service -

          configuring nodemanager as a service -

          For Unix environment you can use rc3.d scripts to configure server/nodemanager as a daemon process.


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            When i write the scripts, the service becomes visible in services, but it wont start.

            i found these articles and they helped me start my forms and reports as serices but when i try to make my adminserver a windows service, it does not get past the step for Useing the nmStart command to start a server.

            the 2 articles:


            This is what i get when i try to start it after it successfully connects:


            can u explain/help in anyway